KINGMAN — After more than three years, the trial of a California man charged in a 2016 fatal boating collision on the Colorado River near Davis Camp was postponed again Monday.

Kevin Lawrence Morgon, 46, of Long Beach, is charged with manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault and misdemeanor driving a watercraft while intoxicated.

Morgon’s attorney, Michael Frame, again asked to continue his client’s Dec. 3 trial because his investigator still can’t locate two witnesses who are essential to Morgon’s defense. Frame also said he has a juvenile trial going at the same time in La Paz County.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Greg McPhillips opposed the delay, arguing that his own witnesses, many from out of state, already have been subpoenaed to show up at trial during that week.

McPhillips also said the defense has been looking for these witnesses since April and likely won’t find them even if the trial is postponed again. The prosecutor also said the victims, who were in the courtroom, wanted a resolution to the case.

Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe Jr., who was sitting in for Judge Rick Lambert, said he is not willing to delay the case because of the defense witnesses. Lambert, who will try the case, will return to work Dec. 2 after three weeks off.

Sipe postponed the four-day trial to Dec. 10 so Frame can resolve the juvenile trial. Juvenile trials take priority over criminal trials in Mohave County.

On June 25, 2016, Morgon reportedly was operating a 20-foot boat when it collided with a personal watercraft near Davis Camp. A California woman was driving the personal watercraft along with her daughters, an 8-year-old girl and 13-year-old Guadalupe Rodriguez, of San Bernardino.

Rodriguez suffered head trauma and died after being taken to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in Bullhead City. Her sister and mother were taken to a Las Vegas hospital and treated for serious injuries including a collapsed lung and various fractures, police reported.

Morgon was arrested for allegedly operating his boat while intoxicated. An arrest warrant was issued in October 2016 and he was indicted on the charges in May 2017.

Morgon’s blood alcohol level was tested by the DPS crime lab at the time of the crash at between 0.098% and 0.122%. The legal limit in Arizona to operate a car or boat is 0.080%.

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