KINGMAN — A Superior Court judge set three new trial dates Wednesday for a Bullhead City terrorism suspect.

Philip Krikorian Jr., 51, is charged with terrorism and four weapon charges for allegedly setting off several bombs in 2015 and 2016 in the Bullhead City area. He also is charged in a 2018 case with another weapons charge and endangerment.

One of the four weapons charges in the 2016 case that allegedly occurred Sept. 4, 2016, was previously severed from the other charges. 

Krikorian is being held in the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility on a

$1.6 million bond.

When Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle refused to allow Krikorian to speak in court, Krikorian demanded to represent himself, asked for a speedy trial and argued that he has been in custody for three years.

After warning the defendant of the dangers of representing himself, Carlisle allowed Krikorian to represent himself. He also appointed Krikorian’s former attorney, Ron Gilleo of the legal defender’s office, as an advisory counsel.

Carlisle set the 2016 terrorism case for trial to begin Dec. 2 with a pre-trial hearing set for Nov. 13. He also set the 2018 case for trial to begin Jan. 13, 2020,  with a pre-trial hearing set for Dec. 18. The judge set the trial for the severed weapons charge to begin Dec. 16 with a pre-trial hearing set for Nov. 13.

Krikorian has previously represented himself in the case as well as having seven different attorneys — including Gilleo — assigned at one time or another.

His cases have been before three different judges.

Krikorian is charged with setting off a bomb Aug. 19, 2016, on Gemstone Avenue in Bullhead City. Witnesses saw a red Dodge pickup truck drive away after the explosion.

On Aug. 22, 2016, a surveillance camera caught a man putting a bomb on the ground in an alley on Hancock Road then walking away before it exploded. There were no injuries or damage in either bombing, police reported.

On Sept. 4, 2016, Bullhead City police raided Krikorian’s house on Diamond Drive and found materials on his porch believed to have been used in the Aug. 22, 2016, explosion. Police allegedly found incendiary devices and several completed improvised explosive devices that were ready to use.

Krikorian is charged in the 2018 case with setting off a bomb on Nov. 20, 2015, in a vacant lot next to his home, damaging a neighboring mobile home.

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