KINGMAN — A confession is key in the case against two Kingman men arrested last week for the murder of another Kingman man, whose body was found in a desert area behind the airport a year ago.

Benjamin Dann, 24, and Alfred Talavera, 33, are charged with second-degree murder in the blunt force trauma death of Kirklin Roach, 37.

Court records reveal that Dann admitted abducting and killing Roach because he thought Roach was trying to have sex with his baby’s mother. Dann told detectives that Roach also admitted molesting his own children.

A probable cause statement indicated that Dann and Talavera were driving at night when they spotted Roach walking in the vicinity of Mallard Drive and Martin Lane in Kingman. Dann said he was driving, that Roach occupied the front passenger seat and that Talavera sat behind Roach.

Dann said they did not proceed to the location Roach requested.

“While driving, Talavera wrapped the passenger seat belt around the victim’s neck and began to strangle the victim,” the affidavit said. “The victim begged for his life and told both the defendant and Talavera that he had kids.”

Dann reportedly told police they reached the desert area behind the airport, where Talavera forced Roach to the front of the vehicle with the headlights shining on him. He said Talavera used a hammer to strike Roach in the arm and jaw.

Dann told detectives he took the hammer from Talavera and struck Roach in the head at least four more times. Dann indicated that the murder was committed in early January 2019, at least nine days before the body was discovered on Jan. 14.

Dann said they drove to a woman’s home on Eagle Drive where they washed blood from their hands. He said they drove to their residence on Devlin Avenue where they burned the hammer in a fire pit.

The probable cause statement said numerous evidentiary items were seized during a search of the Devlin Avenue home.

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