KINGMAN — The rapidity of changes in COVID-19 data was in evidence again Thursday afternoon.

Hours after Mohave County Department of Public Health Director Denise Burley provided some clarification on the infection categories of the county’s first 69 confirmed cases of COVID-19, her department reported six additional cases, including two in Bullhead City.

The two new cases bring to eight the total of confirmed cases in Bullhead City, according to the health department. The newest cases are a person in the 45-54 age group that is epidemiologically linked to another case and a person in the 65-and-over age group that is epidemiologically linked to a different case.

Both are isolating at home and recovering, the health department said.

The other new cases — four in Kingman — bring the county’s total to 75. Only one of the four new Kingman cases is hospitalized. That case, of a patient 65-or-older, has not been linked to another case nor to travel outside the area.

That is a growing concern for the county; earlier, Burley said that 14 of the 69 cases reported by noon on Thursday were considered “community acquired.”

“What that means is they don’t have any association with travel, they don’t have any association with health care and they have no close household contact (with another confirmed case),” she said during a meeting of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. “It’s an unknown source, basically.”

Burley said that nine of the first 69 cases were travel-related — people who had traveled outside the county and returned with the infection. Thirty-five were health-care associated infections — acquired during hospitalizations or stays in long-term care facilities or acquired by health-care workers. Ten are considered close-contact infections, typically from someone in the same household or who has been in close contact with someone who tested positive.

There have been 41 confirmed cases in Kingman and 26 in Lake Havasu City. Three deaths, all in Lake Havasu City, have been linked to COVID-19.

Asked if higher numbers in Kingman were the result of more testing being done at Kingman Regional Medical Center than at Havasu Regional Medical Center in Lake Havasu City, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in Bullhead City or Valley View Medical Center in Fort Mohave, Burley said that was the

general assumption.

“Anecdotally, I would say that there’s probably more of the virus out there, more of the disease out there, than we’re aware of because there’s not the same level of testing going on in those communities,” she said. “That’s really the impetus and the real drive to increase our testing, so we will have a better sense of what that virus really looks like in (its) spread in our community.”

She again said testing will be bolstered once supplies allow it.

“There continues to be ... a shortage of testing supplies available to increase that testing,” she said. “That is a major emphasis for the state and the federal government, to increase that testing when means we need those supplies to do that work.”

While testing has improved in the county, Burley stressed, “Still a lot of room for improvement there.”

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I am scratching my head a bit wonder why they are making it seem like the cases are growing at a faster rate when in reality it is just longer time between reporting cases. I mean it was 2-4 reported every six hours or so and now they are only reporting every 24- 28 hours and reporting 5. Reporting 5 makes it look like the virus is getting worse in the Country but when you see it is a much longer time frame you understand it is actually slowing down.

Michael 777

And now the Bozo in the White House has suggested putting disinfectant into our bodies to kill the virus.. God help us!


He 100% did not say to put disinfectant in our bodies. Spreading false statements like that simply creates unnecessary hate and confusion. Let’s act like responsible adults instead of drama addicted JR. High students and get through this being as kind as possible to each other and get our people back to work.


I for one would like to know it if any of the people who will test positive in the next 2 weeks were thought to have caught the virus at the demonstrations in Phoenix against closing the State down to prevent the spread of the virus.


How much testing is being done in the numerous Mohave County nursing homes/assisted living facilities?

Mark James

Went to emergency at KRMC, last weekend. They didn't ask me what was wrong, but took a lot of blood and I assume ran a bunch of tests, as I was there for hours. Said they found nothing wrong, but didn't tell me what they even tested me for. The only thing they confirmed was I wouldn't be tested for covid-19. Told me to go home. I've been sick for weeks. My Dr did a flu test and said it's not the flu. So I'm home, sleeping almost twice as much as normal with no energy. I can't do much without getting exhausted, but at least I know it's not the flu. 😟 At 58 it's kinda scary.

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