Stephen C. Hansen

Stephen C. Hansen

KINGMAN — A Utah man who admitted taking his fiancee to massage parlors to perform sex acts for pay was sentenced in Kingman on Tuesday. 

Stephen Hansen, 41, of Cedar City, previously entered a plea agreement convicting him of the reduced charge of attempted pandering.

Hansen is among eight people who were arrested last September for alleged involvement in human trafficking and prostitution at massage parlors operated in Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City. Prosecutor Megan McCoy said Hansen was not a participant in the alleged enterprise that operated in Arizona, California and Utah and merely drove the fiancee, who is now his wife, to work as a prostitute, including at a business that was operated on Mesquite Avenue in Lake Havasu City.

“He was actually trying to get her out of the business of prostitution,” Legal Defender Ron Gilleo said. He said Hansen was scouting for a shop where Fang F. Chen, 45, could perform legitimate and legal massage services to be free of the sex trade.

Hansen’s plea deal protected him from serving any more than the two days he already spent in jail. Judge Billy Sipe placed him on supervised probation for two years.

The attempted pandering conviction will be designated a misdemeanor offense if Hansen successfully completes probation.

Trials are scheduled for a number of co-defendants, including one of the alleged ringleaders Amanda Yamauchi, 47. Yamauchi’s lawyer has lodged a motion for change of venue, contending extensive media coverage has compromised her right to a fair trial in Mohave County.

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Wile E Coyote

What does one have to do before the County Attorney's office actually ACTS like criminal activity is worthy of prosecution?

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