BULLHEAD CITY — With Valentine’s Day come and gone, the National Retail Federation said that the total spent for the occasion was expected to be about $19.6 billion nationwide.

The NRF said that consumers planned on spending an average of $88.98 on their significant other/spouse ($12.1 billion), $25.29 on other family members such as children or parents ($3.5 billion), $7.26 on children’s classmates/teachers ($991 million), $7.19 on friends ($982 million), $5.50 on pets ($751 million) and $4.79 on co-workers ($654 million).  

When Valentine’s Day comes around there traditionally is a spike in specific things bought as gifts.

One of the top spending categories during Valentine’s Day according to the NRF survey is flowers coming in at $2 Billion.

“We get hundreds of orders during the Valentine’s Day week,” said Chuck Roberson, owner of Bullhead City Florist. “We won’t know how much revenue we get from the Valentine’s Day orders until we get some time to take a look at the numbers.”

According to Roberson, the most popular order they get during Valentine’s Day are red roses.

“A lot of people pre-order their roses before Valentine’s Day but we do see a lot of people order on the day and even some after,” said Roberson. “In order to prepare for the number of orders, we make sure we order lots of flowers, have plenty of supplies, have enough flower designers and people to deliver. 

“The last thing we want is to run our of flowers during Valentine’s Day.”

Many couples — serious or platonic — have an evening out to celebrate Valentine’s Day which turns out is another top spending category. The NRF survey stated that people across the country spent about $3.7 billion on an evening out.

“Right now we have a full dining room but we will probably see about 300 customers and maybe a little bit more,” said Heather, a manager at Mohave Steakhouse. “During today’s Valentine’s Day we have seen mostly couples ranging from 17 to 70 years old.”

She said that Mohave Steakhouse started receiving reservations for Valentines Day in early February; she added that they received reservation requests as late as Thursday.

“I got 20 calls looking for a reservation for today,” she said. “Even if people don’t have a reservation, our wait time isn’t too long.”

The other top spending categories according to the NRF survey are jewelry at $4.7 billion and candy at $1.85 billion.

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