Annette Wegmann

Annette Wegmann

KINGMAN — Bullhead City Vice Mayor Annette Wegmann has been charged with theft in a dispute over furnishings that were removed from a condo managed by a company that formerly employed her.

Wegmann faces arraignment in Mohave County Superior Court in Kingman on Thursday.

The initial investigation started with a Bullhead City police detective who handed the matter off to Lake Havasu City police due to conflict of interest because of Wegmann’s position as a member of the Bullhead City Council.

The charge came after case review by the Mohave County Attorney’s Office.

“I truly can’t believe that I am being charged and that this allegation has now turned into a court case,” Wegmann said Tuesday. “I am innocent. I am not guilty.”

The investigation began June 24, when the owner of a property management firm in the 1800 block of Highway 95 in Bullhead City told police that one of his clients was trying to locate the contents of his condo in the 200 block of Moser Avenue. The owner told a detective that some of his employees, including the one who took over for Wegmann, had implicated the vice mayor, indicating some of the missing furniture could be seen in the background inside Wegman’s home in pictures posted on Wegmann’s personal Facebook account.

One of the witnesses told police that Wegmann instructed him to clear the condo. He said Wegmann indicated she was going to keep some of the furnishings, give some to her son and that he could have the contents of one of the bedrooms of the unit.

Police reports indicated Wegmann said she had the owner’s permission to remove the furnishings, a statement refuted by the alleged theft victim. The owner of the property management firm said Wegmann indicated the authorization had been expressed in email exchanges, but that no such communications could be found when they reviewed Wegmann’s company emails.

Wegmann said she could not say much about the case upon the advice of her attorney, Ken Sondgeroth. But she said she has no intention of stepping down from her elected position.

“I will continue to serve as vice mayor of Bullhead City,” Wegmann said in a statement. “I will continue to be the hardworking, honest person that I have been my entire life. The truth will come out and I look forward to clearing my name.”

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This is interesting timing, since the city wants to paint a rosy picture of themselves on getting the public to vote on their proposition. This may show voters exactly what we are dealing with in regard to this council. In just a couple of months, this is the second time I hear they're in trouble for illegal activity. What a shame.


So a vice mayor who knows everybody in town and is well known and liked with everybody who knows her is going to snitch some furniture, inadvertantly posts pictures on FB And Mohave daily puts in atop front page?? Dont think shed knowingly do this, for a room of furniture. This is political trash. Just my opinion

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