Needles water woes

Water floods the City of Needles yard near River’s Edge Golf Course on Wednesday after a second line blew out a day after a major leak closed Interstate 40. This one occurred in a pipe between the well field and the primary manifold that distributes water into the various lines that feed the city. Sudden fluctuations in pressure from the huge leak the day before were blamed for the pipe’s failure.

NEEDLES — A rupture in a water line that feeds the City of Needles has caused part of the city to be without water.

City of Needles Councilor Shawn Gudmundson said the locations affected are from Carl’s Junior to East Broadway and out to the Needles Town Center and the lower side of Interstate 40. 

“The Fort Mohave Indian Tribe has been informed that their village is without water and San Bernardino County Fire Station 32 has been informed of the water situation if something should arise,” said Gudmundson. 

Gudmundson said that the city is making arrangements to have non-potable water at the El Garces and distribution of bottled water for drinking and cooking will start immediately at the El Garces.

Direct any further questions to Gudmundson by calling 702-206-0771.

It was the second water line issue in Needles in as many days and likely was the result of the first. On Tuesday, a major water leak flooded Interstate 40 in downtown Needles, closing the eastbound lanes and causing damage to surrounding local roads. Sudden fluctuations in pressure from the huge leak Tuesday were blamed for the pipe’s failure Wednesday.

Tuesday’s leak didn’t result in any widespread water outages but did cause traffic headaches. Eastbound traffic was diverted at J Street and routed through town on Broadway to its interchange with I-40.

Water was shut off to stop the flooding and Caltrans cleared the freeway of mud and debris so that eastbound I-40 could reopen.

Phillips Excavation will begin tearing apart the area near the Lilyhill Drive I-40 overpass where the leak occurred, Needles City Manager Rick Daniels reported. 

“There is damage to the roads, I don’t think there’s damage to the bridge,” he said. “It will probably take at least a day, maybe two, to do the repairs and get the (surface streets: D Street and Lilyhill Drive) reopened.” 

Needles Desert Star Editor Robin Richards contributed to this report.


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