Annette Wegmann

KINGMAN — The case against a Bullhead City councilwoman charged with felony theft is expected to end in a plea agreement.

Bullhead City Council Member Annette Wegmann, 57, is charged with felony theft. She has been released from custody on her own recognizance.

Wegmann’s attorney, Ken Sondgeroth, said a plea agreement has been reached and the felony case will be reduced to a misdemeanor in Bullhead City Justice Court in a week or two. The case then would be dismissed in Superior Court.

Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle set the next hearing for Nov. 9 at which time the case is expected to be dismissed once the plea agreement is accepted in the lower court.

“I‘m trying to put this behind me, this has been one of the most horrible experiences I’ve ever dealt with,” Wegmann told the Mohave Valley Daily News. “This plea deal will put this entire ordeal behind me so I can focus on my family, other priorities and move forward.

“This plea has no impact on my City Council position.”

Wegmann was elected to the city council in August 2016, filling the last two years of a term vacated by the death of Mickey McClure. She was re-elected in 2018 and served as vice mayor from July 2019 to June 2020. Her current term expires November 2022.

“I’ve always been a fighter and a very strong woman,” she said. “However, this has taught me so much and made me even stronger. I am so thankful and grateful for my family and friends, for all those who have stood by my side.”

The Lake Havasu City Police Department investigated a theft claim June 24, 2019, by the owner of a Bullhead City property management firm. One of the firm’s clients had tried to locate contents of his condo on Moser Avenue.

Wegmann claims that she had the owner’s permission to remove the furniture. The property management firm’s owner said that Wegmann claimed the authorization was expressed in an exchange of emails to remove the furniture but no communication could be found, police reported.

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Fort Mohave Resident

What a disgrace, she should be removed from City council Immediately. Bullhead City Manager if you let her continue to sit on council after stealing somebody furniture, you should be removed also.

A Concerned Citizen

I'm also wondering about the mug shot. This picture keeps circulating over and over again. The report says she was released, therefore there should be a mug shot like every other criminal gets taken after an arrest. This is another example of how favoritism always plays out in this city. What does the Mayor think about this? How can this peson sit on the panel after she swore she was innocent last September? The people who sit on that panel have no shame at all but they love posting people's mug shots all over FB pages and wherever the public can gawk and look down on the criminals but not Annette or anyone else in that clique. The newspaper can't come up with the mug shot? Or was she really not even arrested at all? Nice deal here too "dismissed charges" but everyone else has a record and has to pay dearly. She needs to do the right thing and resign.


This person should not be able to sit on city council. Aren’t there policies on criminal behavior?

Mohave Crone

I’m old enough to remember when an elected official with a criminal conviction was asked to resign and did so for the good of their city, county, state or country.


Did she know the person? Was she connected with the property management.

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