Annette Wegmann

BULLHEAD CITY — Accusations against a city council candidate elected at the Aug. 4 primary election prompted a sitting council member to vote against the resolution declaring and adopting the results of that election during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Waheed Zehri was suspended from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Advisory Council last month because he is involved in an active investigation by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.  

MCSO hasn’t said what the investigation is about but did describe the matter as “suspicious.” 

Zehri has been accused of sexually harassing multiple women. He has denied all of the allegations.

Council member Annette Wegmann said she was voting in opposition “for all the women who have been violated.”

The resolution, approved by a 6-1 vote, follows the approval of the results on Thursday by the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. 

City Manager Toby Cotter pointed out that the city didn’t run the council election — or the Proposition 415 election last November — because all local elections are run by Mohave County. 

He also said the motion was only to accept the results submitted by the county. 

Council incumbents Mark Clark and Kathy Bruck were in first and second place, respectively. Norma Brummett was in third place. 

Zehri was in fourth place; four candidates were elected. 

Hospice plan

A plan for a 10-bed palliative care location in a residence at Sunridge Estates has concerned some residents who live near the site.

“We need your help desperately,” said resident Thomas Pew to council members. “This is going to ruin our neighborhood.”

Pew and four other residents came to the meeting to express their concerns about the facility being in a residential area. 

The area in which the facility would be located, the 3400 block of Sundial Drive, was described as “very quiet.”

The license for Family Care Home and Hospice was filed July 30, Pew said.

It didn’t require vetting by the Planning and Zoning Commission or the council. It has been handled city staff.

Among concerns of residents is that there is only enough parking for three vehicles and that it might provide care to sex offenders or addicts near families with children.

The residents asked for a review of such projects in residential areas — including the process — and to not proceed with the project until a review is completed. 

Cotter said he and City Attorney Garn Emery would be willing to meet with residents.  

Prop 415 campaigning

Cotter reported that the city prevailed against EPCOR Water Arizona, which sought a federal injunction against the city over alleged illegal electioneering by the city during the Proposition 415 campaign last year. 

The case, EPCOR Water Arizona vs. Brady et. al., was based on Title 42 of the United States Code, Section 1983, which allows individuals the right to sue the government for violation of civil rights contained in the U.S. Constitution or federal statutes. 

It was in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. 

Voters approved the city’s plan to take over the local water delivery systems last November and the city’s condemnation case against EPCOR remains on track for February of 2021 in Mohave County Superior Court.

Separately, the city also has been successful in attaining intervenor status in the rate case brought by Bermuda Water to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In other business, council members:

  • Approved three large purchases — a rotary drum screen and control cabinet for the Section 18 Wastewater Treatment Plant at a cost of $223,808; slurry seal sand for the Street Maintenance Program at a cost of $202,500 plus taxes; and three mixer shafts, hubs and impeller assemblies for the oxidation ditch at the Section 10 Wastewater Treatment Plant for $61,996.
  • Allowed time for council members to thank and say goodbye to Bullhead City Police Chief Brian Williamson, who is retiring. There will be at least one other event next week for Williamson but his appearance allowed for the presentation to him of a large farewell card with scores of well-wishers’ signatures. Williamson has worked for the BHCPD since 1998 and has been chief since February of 2014. He said being chief has been the honor of his life.
  • Accepted a donation of $3,980 from the Morning Kiwanis Club for youth swim lessons. In the 19 years since the club began making the donations, 7,300 children have learned how to swim at a cost of $147,000.

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"For all the women that have been violated"....who exactly has been violated? At the moment they are 'accusations' and until they have been verified, found to be true without a doubt, that's all they are, accusations. Being such, there has not been anyone violated. Taking a valid stand is one thing, looking like a fool and wasting a vote is an entirely different conversation.


You post a Headline, Photo (including partial tattoo) and essentially "call out" a young minority member of the Council for simply VOTING differently the other members? Better watch out all you old, white privileged folks at the newspaper.


What ever happened with the theft case against Annette Wegman?


It was scheduled for trial March 2020 so it probably got postponed because of COVID. Anybody know for sure?


It seems like Toby Cotter runs this City and not our elected officials especially the Mayor.


"Toby Cotter runs this City?" Hey Lee Harvey, dude is the "City MANAGER" so of course he "runs" the city business wise. City managers are almost always have far more power than Mayors, who are usually just weak political figureheads. And if you are "blue team" city politically, the rest of the City Council are nothing but rubber stamps on however the Mayor wants a vote to go.


Realize what you did and said to someone else and failed to act. No action was taken Why? oh yeah because he confessed and it is everywhere. Yes, this is real. Deal with it! What is the difference

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