KINGMAN — A judge in Kingman rejected probation and ordered prison for a West Jordan, Utah, woman responsible for a single-vehicle traffic accident that claimed the life of her boyfriend’s daughter.

Mohave County Superior Court judge Rick Lambert imposed a 21⁄2-year prison term for Marissa Sloan, 22, on Monday.

Sloan had an extensive history of misdemeanor convictions, most of them drug related, and she had no valid license when she was driving a Saturn that left Highway 68 and rolled in Golden Valley on April 29, 2018.

Presley Hope Farmer, 10, was seriously injured when ejected and she died after being taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center.

Sloan was convicted of a death by use of a vehicle charge through a plea agreement.

Defense attorney Kenneth Beane said Sloan and the girl were arguing about the girl’s refusal to use her seat belt at the time of the wreck.

“I should have pulled over and put her seat belt on,” Sloan told judge Lambert. “I feel probation would be good for me.”

Prosecutor Jeff Haws took no position on punishment but noted that accident witnesses driving other vehicles said the Saturn was speeding and failing to maintain lane position before crashing.

Lambert expressed concern for Sloan’s drug abuse, her criminal history and her decision to drive when she had no driver’s license.

“You had no right to get in that car. None!” Lambert said in an elevated voice. He said the decision cost the life of a child and he scoffed at her claim that it was a gust of wind that pushed the Saturn off the highway.

“I don’t believe that for one minute,” Lambert said, noting the other drivers had no trouble keep ing their vehicles in their lanes.

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