Bullhead Parkway extension

In spite of smoky air and heavy wind blowing through the region earlier this week, a crew was out working on the Bullhead Parkway extension.

BULLHEAD CITY — Work continues this week on the Bullhead Parkway extension which ultimately will link the parkway with a second bridge that would provide passage over the Colorado River between Bullhead City and Laughlin.

The second bridge would provide residents in both communities with emergency access, higher traffic capacity and accommodate future growth.

Bid advertising for the bridge project is expected to begin in October.

City Manager Toby Cotter told the Bullhead City Council last week that the bid process would likely take a few months.

It could take about 18 months more for the second Laughlin bridge project to be built after a final plan is fully approved.

Clark County is the lead agency on the bridge project. The extension on the east side of the river is part of Bullhead City’s share of the project.

The extension should be complete within the next few weeks.

Utility lines already were in the ground to accommodate future growth before construction of the Bullhead Parkway extension began.

McCormick Construction was awarded the contract for more than $3.27 million to build the extension in May. The cost for construction has been revised downward to about $3.18 million.

Much of the work is complete. Lights were installed last month. Final tasks are ongoing.

As of last week, Cotter said, fog sealing, line painting and decorating the road median remained.

The city committed $4.5 million in June of 2019 to the bridge after Clark County found out its share of the bridge would be $9 million higher than earlier anticipated.

Clark County’s portion of the bridge was estimated to cost $30 million in early 2020. Total estimated cost of the entire bridge project was $56.3 million at the beginning of this year. Bullhead City is committed to providing about $7.7 million to the bridge project — the extension project and the additional $4.5 million commitment. It will be required to share bridge maintenance costs with Clark County as well.

The Nevada side of the bridge will be linked to a three-mile extension from Needles Highway.

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This should have been done at the same time Bullhead Parkway was built. If so it would have likely cost about 25% of what it will cost now. Typical govt. wasting of taxpayer's money.

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