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James Zaborsky

BULLHEAD CITY — James Zaborsky resigned Tuesday from his position as president of the Mohave County Airport Authority Board of Directors. His resignation took effect immediately after directors voted 5-0 to accept it during an executive session about personnel matters and a lease agreement discussion.

Two of the directors — Mark Clark and Blake Segal — weren’t at the meeting.   

Several people told the directors Zaborsky shouldn’t be on the board anymore because of incomplete, sub-par work as well as use of unlicensed contractors through Village Construction, also known as RML Residential Properties.

There were some people who wanted to “express some opinions about things that occurred outside the airport,” Zaborsky said beforehand. “They have a right to be heard — even if it’s a one-sided opinion.” 

He offered to resign if other members of the board felt such a move was necessary.

Zaborsky lost his contractor’s license after several customers reported Village Construction to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Seven of the eight cases brought to the state registrar against RML have been resolved. Five of those complaints were considered serious enough to revoke Zaborsky’s license. The other two cases resulted in suspension of the license. Only one remains open.

The Mohave County Attorney’s Office opted not to press criminal charges against Zaborsky in August.

“(The) issue is poor workmanship and using unlicensed contractors. Those are civil matters,” according to the Notice of County Attorney Action. “Zaborsky is a bad businessman but that doesn’t equate to criminal activity.”

Call to the Public was near the end of the meeting. Zaborsky also said because regular meeting business had been completed that anyone not wanting to stay until the end could leave. No one did.

Ron Paulsen said he had hired Zaborsky to build a home for him in Topock. Paulsen told the board of directors he has had to pay $275,000 to correct the unfinished work left by Village Construction.  

“He admitted mismanagement,” Paulsen said about Zaborsky. 

Paulsen then asked why Zaborsky was still on the board, given his business practices.

“I don’t understand,” Paulsen said.

Jim Wilson also had hired Village Construction to build a house. The retired Vernon, California, fire chief said to Zaborsky that he “never had anybody lie to me like you did. You almost bankrupted me.”

He then asked the directors to “please get this man (Zaborsky) out of here” and offered to provide material to the other directors illustrating what transpired between him and Zaborsky.

“Do you have it with you today?” Zaborsky asked. 

“No,” Wilson replied. 

Another board director ultimately asked the two men to stop conversing.

Tami Ring, another of Zaborsky’s clients and a Bullhead City Council member, said his actions as a contractor were so concerning that he shouldn’t be handling public money. 

Keith Parker worked with Richard Lettman, Zaborsky’s brother, who also was the owner of RML and listed on the now-revoked state contractor’s license. Parker said he has known Zaborsky as a business person for more than five years and expressed concern about the optics he believed accompanied Zaborsky on the airport’s board.

“Would I want to do business with this man?” Parker asked. “You stole from people, Jim. Do the honorable thing and step down. Save the face of this board.”

After several people spoke their piece, Zaborsky asked if anyone had more to say. Fernando Parra, a past client left with unfinished work throughout his 4,000-square-foot home, offered to summarize the group’s thoughts. There were a few former clients, a business person who did contract work for Zaborsky, and another resident.

Parra had said earlier, among other things, that Zaborsky did business “underhandedly.” 

Zaborsky responded: “You already spoke. Sit down and be quiet!”

The board issued a public statement following the meeting. 

“We sincerely thank Jim for his more than 20 years of service to the Airport Authority and wish him well in his future endeavors,” said Steve Willett, MCAA’s interim board president, in a news release.

The release stated that Zaborsky was first elected to the board in 1998 and served as its vice president at various points. In 2018, he was elected president of the board after the death of Director John Hastings.

In other business, the directors:

  • Found out negotiations continue with a potential provider of scheduled passenger air service between Laughlin-Bullhead City International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. 
  • Learned there’s no news to report on the airport’s request for a small community air service program grant.
  • Were informed that some service contracts are ending soon and will require negotiations. The cafe at the airport is doing well are rental car revenues. Both services are among those in this category.

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He has done work on my home and now I am having to hire a qualified contractor to re-do some of his work.

He is not a pleasant person to deal with when you call him to mat. He lies.

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