Barracudas swimmer Joel Vissers gasps for air while traversing the Bullhead City Municipal Swimming Pool during the Barracudas Invitational on Saturday.

BULLHEAD CITY — The home swim team won its meet, the Barracudas Invitational, on Saturday at the Bullhead City Municipal Swimming Pool.

Bullhead City amassed 1,537 points, which topped the Needles Sandsharks’  920 and the Cottonwood Clippers’ 325 to earn the overall victory.

The Barracuda boys tallied 627 points to outscore their Sandshark counterparts’ 284 and the Clippers’ 112.

The Barracuda girls scored 522 points, which defeated their Sandshark counterparts’ 284 and the Clippers’ 137.

“(The) kids worked real hard all 

week on correcting the basics and fine-tuning technique,” Barracudas head coach Ed Catalfamo said.

BARRACUDAS’ LEADERS: Mary Hessom, 13-14 girls classication, led her age class with 43 points; Teagan Dover, 6-under girls, and Jack Mangum, 7-8 boys, each led their respective classes with 41 points apiece; Kori Schutt, 9-10 girls, led her class with 35 points; and Kayson Estep, 9-10 boys, led his class with 30 points.

SANDSHARKS’ LEADERS: Lincoln Jones, 11-12 boys, and Joslyn Jones, 9-10 girls, and Kade Odell, 13-14 boys, each led the classes — and were overall individual point leaders — with 45 points apiece; Layton DeLeon, 6-under girls, led her class with 38 points; and Makenna Castillo, 11-12 girls, led her class with 38 points.

NOTABLE RUNNER-UPS: Needles’ Leah Smith, 6-under; and BHC’s Anthony Medina, 6-under boys.

CATALFAMO SUMS IT UP: “These large meets really showcase how strong of a team we are — we dominated our relays,” said the 22-year Barracudas’ head coach. “We are six to eight deep in most every group.

“I’m very proud of my kids and coaches on how hard they all have been working.”

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