Barracudas 15-18 boys swimmer Caleb Riggs finishes the backstroke at the Needles Aquatic Center during Bullhead City’s season-opening meet against the Sandsharks on June 1.

BULLHEAD CITY — The Barracudas ended their season on a high note by winning the Colorado River Finals on July 27, and the Bullhead City head swimming coach Ed Catalfamo is excited because he has an abundance of prominent swimmers eligible to return next season.

Zeke Maxcy, 15-18 boys, did an amazing job as one of my senior swimmers, Catalfamo said. “His leadership and dedication set the bar for the entire team.”

The 22-year Barracudas’ head coach went on to credit Caleb Riggs, 15-18 boys; Mary Hessom, 13-14 girls; Madeline MacDonald, 15-18 girls; Kingzten Bristol, 11-12 boys;  Emily Hamilton, 11-12 girls; Cash Keller, 9-10 boys; Jack Mangum, 7-8 boys; Teagan Dover, 6-under; Nicolai Klier 6-under; and Ronaldo Fernandez, 13-14 boys; for leading the way at every meet.

The above-mentioned were followed by Bailey Colianno, 13-14 girls; Joel Vissers,  9-10 boys; Anthony Medina, 7-8 boys; Haley Leslie, 11-12 girls; Grayson Dover, 11-12 boys;  Kayson Estep, 9-10 boys; Eric Bare, 13-14 boys; Kailee Beardsley, 11-12 girls; Rachel Barton, 13-14 girls; Marissa Brisco, 11-12 girls; Destiny Beardsley, 15-18 girls; Adan Mitchell, 13-14 boys; Peighton Romero, 9-10 girls; Kori Shutt, 9-10 girls; Madison Underwood, 7-8 girls; Sadee Siebrecht, 7-8 girls; Christopher Fernandez, 11-12 boys; and Garrett Fernandez,  9-10 boys; Catalfamo said. 

New swimmers — to name a few — to keep an eye on are Darwin Darus, 9-10 boys; Gia Flores, 7-8 girls; Julio Gonzales, 11-12 boys; Jacob Gray, 15-18 boys; Janezz Jones, 9-10 girls; LeRoy Keeley, 7-8 boys; Victoria Kinkaid,  9-10 girls; Joie Leslie, 9-10 girls; Sophia Medina, 7-8 girls; and Hayden Proctor, 9-10 boys.

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