Since he found it at her how much she should have turned it into them or the police right away. Then if it wasn't claimed after 90 days or something he probably could have kept it

Without the promoted event

Call the Tropicana and Riverside marketing dept. Maybe it was already paid for or maybe they can help you. It's worth a call.

Bikers are coming! Facebook has a page called Laughlin River Run 2020 and I'm sure other social media groups exist. Bikers are saying it will be better with the big promotions and higher prices of an organized event. The weather will be beautiful, the casinos are open regardless, Oatman a…

BHClive commented on WARMC ethics committee

You need at least ONE woman on this group.

Single people living alone, especially Seniors and Disabled living on a fixed income below the poverty line, should only have to pay 50% for trash collection. I have one small bag per week while families cram the bin to overflowing even. The trash bill is too expensive and I can't afford it.

Overcharging SINGLE RESIDENTS It's ridiculous to charge single residents the same as full families. My bin has one garbage bag. My neighbors have it stuffed full. Please change this! Not fair to elderly, disabled, or singles living alone.

I hear something that sounds like gunshots ALL THE TIME. I live a few blocks away. Years ago I would have called the police. Now I just listen and make sure it's not getting closer to me.