Of these cases of Covid being reported how many actually have to be Hospitalized ??

We were swamped with People from California over the Labor Day and few wore masks into stores..

Whose Responsibility is it to enforce they wear masks ??

If nobody then why should we keep wearing masks ??

Can't have it both ways..

There are signs on the doors before…

As you well know there is no more traffic than any other neighborhood that has Parties,Friends from other States or even a vehicle pickung up someone that died because many are unrecognizable unless you happen to see the roll the body out..

There are a lot of IF'S just like every ne…

There are sick and dying people in every community whether it be in a Hospice House where they can get good care what little life they have..

Just remember someday we will be there and how would you like to be told to go die in the desert or under a bridge ..

Many don't have i…

If only you really knew anything??

Many people test positive and isolate at home ..

Why are they not given Hydrochlorozine with zink and the other Med. for treatment while they are isolating ??

It works and has been proven to be effective in treating Coronavirus..

My understanding is Democrats, Fake Media…

I have gone through Covid 19 in ICU being treated for pneumonia and the Covid 19 and presently in Isolation at home at least until July 25..

I didn't wear a mask prior to being admitted to the Hospital and my opinion this was caused people coming from California without any regard f…

I have had 3 test all negative at WARMC and waiting for one more test which I probably won't get till monday because of the holiday..

It doesn't help when we have Invaders from California and no real control in stores or casinos..

The hospital is expecting a big influx of case…

Over 65 and more than likely had other Health issues which wasn't mentioned which would be False information reporting this as Coronavirus..