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No. How can gun manufacturers and sellers be held liable when liquor & car manufacturers & sellers are not held to account for all the DUI & reckless driving deaths.

Wah! Ya know, I think the country has bigger problems to worry about and deal right now than immigrants. They can wait. There are Tens, hundreds of thousands of Americans (If not more) out of work. The economy is in real trouble. Because of the lockdown I/we can't use city or state parks,…

What, they want to be put up at the Hilton? Wah. Don't like conditions? Then go home. Don't come here.

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Well my first post got censored/deleted so will try again. Let's see if the first amendment means anything here.

Wah! Your butt hurts because you’re getting slammed for all the (Your) negative “Reporting” and fear mongering. Gee, if you and the rest of the media hadn’t sensationaliz…

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Pretty harsh. Hope those folks (Employee's) get paid for the shut down.

Released with an OR and ankle band? Yeah, won't be long until they're gone.

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Gonna be hard for the owner to explain that one away to the police & insurance company (If it was insured). Or maybe it was a self driving car that decided to go out for a night on the town.

Put in some slots and it should be a winner!

"Democrats want to overturn election." Gee, do ya think? They've been after him from day one because he beat the hildebeast.