When your Governor FINALLY takes his SANITY pill ...What business will he have left to govern? Wisconsin misses their Bullhead Laughlin neighbors.

I miss the mob

Contracts on home construction carry on Cotter...Future plans???

That flu vaccine Was a cure all... Except when it isn't. Let's stay locked up for flu season too? And the "experts" say that.. If not find a different "expert"??? You seem to be?

I'm just going to hide my life away until I DIE of "natural" causes. Whatever that means?

Yes have your children go .Great math education they will understand percentages better than closed schools offer? Over 6 not 65?

You sound smart enough to tell everyone ELSE what to do Adolf ?

Science says tobacco smoke prevents virus. Marijuana smoking condusive to it. Yet open those shops????

Beautiful article

The Black plague of China infeçted Italy in 1347. It morphed into the Boubonic plague that ravaged all of Europe. 1353 brought the world out of the Dark ages. With the revolution of the Non Essentials against Elitism. Those killing Jews and Lepers as their scapegoats. As a fellow non-esse…