its communist Chinese falt. and now thretning us with war.

there looking at 80 years in the IRON MAIDEN

I am going to miss the memory of many 1988 highschool dates there.

hes 30 now. when he gets out of the iron maiden he will be 75.. now that's living.

in new York city this would be a 30.000 fine no jail.

bullhead fire vs Detroit city fire. who has the upper hand?

oatman648 commented on Topock murder victim identified

Mohave county is going to pin the tail on the donkey

oatman648 commented on Church fires ‘suspicious’

it could have been lit by mice with matches.

now he,s going to be entering the IRON MAIDEN.

oatman648 commented on Drive-by shooting

they probly crossed paths with the new York Russian mafia.