I'm not staying signed into your website for security reasons. You have my personal info so if you wish to respond you may. Your actions are curious and provocative, that being said I will continue to monitor the site periodically and inform others of your actions.

Translation: This site will only allow discussion that mgmt. agrees with......It's your world I was just passing thru; hope y'all are still there if/when I make it back....Stay Safe!

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The Coronavirus is not expected to peak until January, or February 2021. Prepare to be hunkered down for approx. 1 year. Congress is working on a financial assistance band-aid right now. The National Guard is being called up to assist in logistics for the distribution of food; water medic…

Uh huh; right now there's probably someone in New York asking a lawyer if they can sue the NBA; teams; and players because they came down with the flu? Anyone have the odds on what date that happens????

The young men may be returning from duty in the Middle East where freedoms are very much restricted; given the time of night and the fact that alcohol was involved might mitigate a civilian complaint. That being said I'm sure the military will also have a say in the matter.....

Start with the local Wal-Mart because his clothing looks like it came right off the shelf??? Smoking is Bat for your health....[batman]

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Ensign Pulver, when the Capt. says no movies tonight he means it! [pirate]


Come to think of it? I haven't had any flood advisory warnings on my phone in quite a while.....Even though.....[batman]

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Putting restrictions on business does not sound like a good way to grow the economy....But hey it's your World I'm just passing thru....