New town motto: "this buds for you".

somebody needs a good 35 years in prison. stop the game playing and have the trial to put him away.

Check the lake. Sounds very strange. Start looking for a motive for the husband.

The government will control you and your life bit by bit until moving to North Korea seems like a good idea.

tisjanty commented on Two dead at Lake Mead NRA

Real real creppy stuff!

tisjanty commented on Businessman, family admit fraud

They took so much money from people, give them the MAX!!! They hid money so make them repay the MAX as they have it some where....

tisjanty commented on Vandals hit rental business

Does Malow think he is going to rip off people and no one will get back at him? ..."the BBB listed 18, and other consumer-based websites listed dozens more"..
I think he had this coming... GOOD JOB who ever did that!

Give Ramos a good talking to then just let everyone get on with their lives and get over it.

Most are just lazy people.

tisjanty commented on Stripers come in all sizes

I go some really nice ones yesterday by the big rocks using anchoves hooked on a Double Whammy. Dickie also got a 6 and a 7 pounder using the same. Going back today as Babs and the Country Girl just called us and said they are hitting again today. Same bait.