Weggy commented on Community Watch

These people are unbelievable.

The last thing we need is this city running the water system. What happened to all those in favor of smaller government?.


He has done work on my home and now I am having to hire a qualified contractor to re-do some of his work.

He is not a pleasant person to deal with when you call him to mat. He lies.

This is MAGA country!

That is too bad..... this is horrible. What part of BHC do You Live?

Agreed! The street should be a higher priority! Slurry doesn’t cut it.

Weggy commented on Chefs Fest tickets sold out

It’s the same usual suspects that win every year. The smaller guy has no chance winning. But it is for a good cause.

Something smells here. .......

River view Dr location would be the optimal crossing spot.
Bullhead parkway location is too close to AVI bridge. Not much time saved there.